What to expect at your doctor’s appointment with MRKH?


After having consulted numerous pages, your suspicions about MRKH might solidify. Even though you are scared, you know that you should go see a doctor. And who knows, perhaps it’s not even MRKH. But you haven’t been to the doctor because you are scared. Scared of hearing the words that confirm your suspicions. Scared of what he or she will do to you. Scared of how it will unfold.

I’m not going to pretend that your fears are unjustified. You have good reason to be scared because it is not easy. But that doesn’t mean that you cannot go through this.

To make it a bit easier, here is what your doctor visit will most likely entail.

Your doctor might firstly bombard you with tons of questions. As with any medical visit, try to answer them as honestly and accurately as you can. After that, your gynaecologist may want to look at your outer female organs. In order to diagnose MRKH, he/ she has to check how long your vaginal opening is. This part may be uncomfortable, but it is necessary.

The next important step is to order a pelvic ultrasound and/ or MRI (magnetic resonance imagining) test. These do not hurt but they give the medical team accurate pictures of your internal reproductive organs. You might see that there’s no uterus or perhaps a tiny uterus, called “uterine horn or remnant”. These tests will help determine which type of MRKH you have and show if you have two intact kidneys and ovaries.

Finally, your doctor should make sure to send you to a specialist who knows how to take care of you physically and mentally. Such a specialist will also talk you through the different surgery methods if you decide to have sex.

The teams who operate on MRKH patients are usually very competent and trustworthy. Always make sure that you ask questions and don’t agree to something if it doesn’t feel right to you. At the end of the day, this is your body and you should be given the last word.

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