About me

‘Up until now, I’d brushed off anything that had to do with the syndrome as if it was a midge that got attracted to the sunscreen on my shoulder. I believed that if I didn’t allow it, the syndrome, to be part of me, it would not affect me after all. Of course, I was following holographic realities and only postponing the moment when I truly would have to face my identity.’ (L.S.)


It’s time to face this identity. I want to see me dance with it, until the weight lifts off my shoulders. We should all dance with it, free-spirited as if we were little girls again. Yes, we bear the mark of it on us, inside of us, but that doesn’t mean that we are less important than other women. We should embrace it and make it our own. Make it part of our identity.

My rocky dances, and so should yours. #myrockydances